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Vignesh Venkat

My Health Buddy - A responsive pill reminder app for a social cause

My Health Buddy is a pill reminder app that helps individuals to keep a track of the pills and get timely reminders so that they dont miss any pill on any given day. In addition to the reminders they can also use the buddy app to track all their medical information at one place . It includes saving medicine info, inventory of medicine, health readings,water intake and lot more.

Roles & Responsibilities

Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs.

Target Audience

Young adults who find it difficult to keep a track on thier medicines

Individuals who wants to track their health on a go

Health conscious individuals who wants to track their exercise info 

Key Challenges


  • On time notification to remind individuals on the upcoming pill

  • Track all the medical information at one place

  • Differentiating the medical data based on its categories

  • Have a track on the inventory count of each medicine and remind to get pills on or before it gets zero

User Research Summary

I used My Health Buddy’s data on pill reminder to develop interview questions, which were then used to conduct user interviews. Most interview participants reported feeling bad about missing on their pills due to their schedules, but they didn’t actively try to reduce their issue. The feedback received through research made it very clear that users would be open and willing to work towards tracking their medical info on a go provided they get timely reminders and actions .

User Research



Frame 1 (1).png
Frame 2.png
Frame 3.png

Low Fidelity Prototype



Home Page.png
Medicine List.png
Add Medicine.png
iPad – 1.png
Medicine List Screen.png
Add New Medicine.png

Usability Study

I conducted two rounds of usability studies. Findings from the first study helped guide the designs from wireframes to mockups. The second study used a high-fidelity prototype and revealed what aspects of the mockups needed refining.

Round 1

  • User wants an option to track the medicine inventory

  • Users wants an option to view the water intake details in home page

  • User wants an option to buy medicines

Round 2

  • Certain medicines needs a specific date input instead of a day.

  • Menstrual cycle details to be tracked along with other detail

Take Aways

An app thats developed for a social cause is always a memory to cherish. Each individual has different lifestyle and to sync all the info at one place was a big learning especially when it comes to categorising it.

Conclusion & Next Step

Conduct another round of usability studies to validate whether the pain points users experienced have been effectively addressed. Include the menstrual cycle details along with other user inputs to track the same.


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